Monday, July 14, 2014

The universe always keeps us humble

I have never cut dog nails before. I'm totally petrified because Raaji's claws are thick and black and you can't see where the 'quick' is (the super sensitive pulp of the nail with all of the nerves). I have made mistakes a few times with my cats and ferrets, cutting into the quick, and they jump and squeal and bleed like crazy. And every time I feel so bad. And sometimes cry and repeatedly tell them I'm sorry. While they sulk in the corner giving me the stink eye.

Up to this point Raaji has been going to the vet nearly every month for puppy shots, check ups, neutering, etc, so I keep asking them to trim his nails each time. But now that we aren't going to the vet as often I considered taking him to a groomer to do it. I'm sure it's only $20 or so, maybe once every 3-4 weeks.

This morning though, I got ballsy. I was in the pet store and there were the dog nail clippers. I thought, I can totally do this! I'll give it a try. The clippers were $10 so what is there to lose, that was cheaper probably than one grooming appointment.

I got home, ready to rock it. I rubbed Raaji's belly, gave him some kisses, massaged his feet and paws (he doesn't mind having his toes fondled) and grabbed the clippers and boom-boom-boom-boom, nail after nail I conquered his two front paws! 10 claws! Done! Yes! I only did tiny little clips to stay safe, but success! No bleeding or screaming or running away! I moved to the rear paws. He started to get wiggly. Hmm... I need to distract him. I got his favourite chewy toy and got him to go "down" (laying on the floor) and he started to nom the chewy and ignore me. Boom-boom-boom-boom (that's my successful clipping sound effect), all done! Every toenail clipped in one sitting, and the pup was calm as can be, despite my nerves being frayed! HURRAY! I can do this! No need to go to a groomer. YAY ME :) I'm awesome, I am the best dog owner ever! LOL

Then I thought, gee, I should totally conquer something else I don't think I can do today.

I've had a beautiful china mug sitting for months in 3 pieces waiting to get fixed. I CAN DO THIS! TODAY! I grabbed the krazy glue, put the pin in the tip to open it, checked how all of the pieces go together and then drop-drop-drop I loaded up one surface with glue and squeezed the other surface against it and wait.... And wait... It's not adhering, the pieces still come apart. Argh. I keep holding one piece in my left hand, I put down the other piece and put more glue on the piece I'm holding. I SOAK it. Then I press the other piece to it again and wait... wait... wait... longer... waiting... And they still come apart.

ARGH - OK, so not everything is easy and I'm clearly not rocking this. I sigh and put down the pieces. And then I realize that all of my left fingers are... Yes you are right... TOTALLY glued together! KRAZY glued together! Shut tight. Dry. Adhered. I have one human mitten hand. No spaces. Oh crap! It was funny but also worrisome. If I pull them apart will the skin rip off? I slowly slowly carefully pulled, waiting for the pain... But luckily eventually I peeled my fingers back to their original singular condition. Phew. But now I have that gross, dry, crinkly, thick glue coating on my fingers.

I think the universe put that annoying glue there to remind me that I'm not the queen of everything and that you win some and you lose some.

My head remains the size it should be today. Thanks to krazy glue.