Monday, April 8, 2013

5 Bad reasons to want to take a Yoga Teacher Training course

5 Inadequate reasons to want to take a yoga teacher training course

1.       You want your work clothes to be yoga pants, and/or you want a discount on your Lululemon clothing.
While it’s true that yoga clothing will be your work clothing, this is (obviously) not a good enough reason to become a yoga teacher! Lululemon does in fact have a ‘research and design’ program for those who work in the business to become members of, offering a small discount for their feedback about the quality and functionality of its products, but trust me, it is not very significant considering the amount of yoga clothing I go through, teaching up to 5 classes a day. It’s not cheap! If this is your goal, then maybe finding a sugar daddy/mama is a better option for you.

2.       You have recently learned that if you teach one class a week at your local gym you’ll get a free membership.
Again, while this may be true and a nice benefit of being a yoga teacher, it does not suffice as a reason to put yourself through a YTT program and then teach others who are hoping for a teacher who is passionate about what they do, and not just worried about getting a free pass to the gym. I work at various gyms and clubs, and trust me, there is no extra time or energy to work out anyways, after teaching multiple classes per day, travelling to and from them all, and keeping your own yoga practice regular.

3.       You already work in the health and fitness industry and getting another certification will look good on your resume.
Already having the education and knowledge from teaching fitness classes can be a great asset if you also want to become a yoga teacher. Familiarity with anatomy and energy systems, as well as being comfortable in front of people can really be handy along the path of learning how to teach yoga. But yoga is definitely not just fitness. It’s not a ‘certification’ meant to pad your resume, or something to add into the end of your step class as a quick stretch for the participants. Yoga is a rich tradition and a complex practice involving many more elements than most fitness programs and qualifications out there involve. Teaching yoga requires devotion, true understanding of and love for the practice, immersion in the lifestyle of yoga and deserves more than just a quick course and a stamp on a piece of paper. I think there are plenty of ‘mind-body’ certifications and classic stretch style courses and classes out there that would be better suited for someone merely looking to add to their fitness teaching repertoire. A yoga teacher training course warrants much more interest, fervour and dedication than that.

4.       All you friends are doing it so why not? It seems like a trendy thing to do.
While it’s true that yoga is gaining in popularity and yoga teacher trainings are popping up seemingly all over the place, this does not mean it’s the right thing or the best thing for you. Such a course is a big commitment that demands much time, passion and dedication. If you are just tagging along with a friend or a trend, you will be wasting your own time and money. Think about this choice until you are certain it is what you are ready to do.

5.       You want an extra job to supplement your income and this seems like a pretty fun one.
It is possible to make a living as a yoga teacher, but you will soon realize that this is definitely not a job you get into for the money! Teaching yoga is all about serving others. The time it takes to prepare for each class, travel to and from, use gas and parking money or bus fare, nearly makes the pay not worth it! Teaching yoga must be a labour of love, and if it is, then you will certainly be able to do it as a decent living. Getting into it as a means to extra income is unfortunate as you will be dissatisfied with the outcome as will your students who will feel your interest is not as much in them as it is in your remuneration at the end of the day. Save yourself and them the disappointment.

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