Saturday, October 1, 2016

India Time Again!

I see that it has been two years and one month since my last post. I was in Mexico teaching a yoga training, which went exceptionally well! I miss that place and those lovely yoginis who I grew quite close to.

I am blogging again as I am back in Mysore, India. I feel like it's a nice way for my friends, family and yoga students to see what I am up to and why I am away from them for so long!

I am practicing at KPJAYI again with Sharath from Oct 1-31. It's a one month minimum stay and a three month maximum. When I registered a few days ago in Sharath's office he asked me how long. I said one month, and he let out a disappointed "hmm." My sentiments exactly! I would LOVE to stay for two or three months but it's just not possible. Dog, cats, ferret, work, bills, life! All of these things need me to come back home as soon as possible. He asked me if I had been to KPJAYI 5 times... HAHA! I wish! Only third time. But at least he remembers me and apparently now thinks of me as quite familiar. I don't think he remembered me last time I was here. Progress! Memorability! Teacher-Student relationship growing!

Yesterday was the first day of practice. For me and for everyone. Oct 1 was the first day Sharath is teaching at the Shala this season. I didn't recognize anyone, which is odd. There seemed to be a lot of brand new students, coming to Mysore for the very first time.

The floor is new, the giant rugs are gone, so there is less of a mad rush to get through the doors to avoid a lumpy spot (LOL!). My Saturday led class time was 6am, which means 545am (shala time). So I arrived at 530am to get in line. And I was literally one of the last people to arrive! People are super keen and early this year! I ended up in a spot at the very back of the shala next to the wall. I don't mind! Then I only have to negotiate with one person on one side of me, instead of two!

As I looked around I noticed a lot more man buns than usual!! And unfortunately smelled the same lack of underarm deodorant, as usual.

Everyone was in so early... We sat down... waited... Sharath came out and said "SAMASTHITI" (which means stand up in the ready position) and everyone stood up. Then he looked at the clock and said "Oh nevermind." and went back into his office! There were still 10 minutes to go. Haha we all laughed and sat back down! He came out again later for a real Samasthiti call.

My practice felt very easy which is always a bonus. Maybe my body and mind are getting so used to the primary series that it is just enjoyable these days. I know though, as I say that, there will surely be a day or seven where it's a struggle to get through the practice! However I felt strong and light(ish) and not one posture gave me any problem. Even the last pose - ut pluthi, which went on FOREVER, was doable. He even forgot about counting to ten and started talking to people, telling them not to cheat, not to put their feet behind their arms, etc. I decided the body can do anything the mind believes it can do, so I held my entire body off the ground out of sheer mental determination. And it worked. I let out a big "PHEW!" afterwards!

Today is a day off (Sunday) and again I am up in the middle of the night because of jet lag (it's 3:51am). Later today I will be going for a home cooked lunch at Sandhya's house, who feeds, houses and teaches yoga students how to cook, Mysore style! I have collected up a few people and we are going as a group of new yoga friends. Happens so easily here in Mysore.

I'll post a few pics too... There are the usual dogs everywhere. And cows. The one in the picture walked up to me, got one foot from my face and let out a huge loud MOOOO! Haha. Ok, Hi!

Delhi Airport. I love seeing what Indian McDonalds serves! The Maharaj Mac!!! Notice there is no beef. No hamburgers. Only chicken and paneer options.

A cheat sheet I made for my friends & family to see the time difference and best times to call/text!!

It was Sharath's bday the day I registered so there was a nice little celebration! He is here with his son, mother Sarawswati, and daughter and wife are hidden behind.

Laundry time! I left a trunk of clothes, sheets, etc - but there was some mouse doo-doo in my trunk so everything needed a good cleaning! The house has a washing machine but no dryer (very typical here).

DOSA for breakfast! Sadly I don't like any of the chutneys that are served with it so I just put butter, sugar and lime on my dosa. I got very strange looks from the restaurant staff. As usual!

MOOOO!! This is the gate to the house I am living in. It's called "Blue House" and it's at the very end of shala road.

I am trying to teach myself Kannada - the language spoken here in the state of Karnataka. A little bit similar to Sanskrit which I know well. But really not at all! All new alphabet symbols. Wish me luck! My brain already hurts. I have a paper book and found this version on kindle.

Some of the street dogs on shala road. The frontmost two look SO MUCH like my Raaji! For sure they must be related. They are cute and lazy but MAN do they have a wild beast temper! They are very territorial and they have serious Growl-Offs!!

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