Saturday, October 19, 2013

45 Days...

... until I go back to Mysore India!!

My to-do list is crazy long, mostly getting all of my yoga classes covered with great teachers and making sure that my Yoga Teacher Training students will be well taken care of and have lots of things to do, study and practice while I'm away.

The KPJAYI shala just re-opened in India. I read one student's notes from the first Sunday conference that Sharath gave. It was inspiring, informational and made me even more excited for my trip. I can't wait to sit on that rug in the shala and listen to Sharath speak.

This time I am slightly more learned about travelling to India and I am sure I will make plenty of mistakes and find lots of obstacles, but hopefully not the same ones I made last year...

I will not be bothered by the lumps in the shala carpet. I will not get my nose pierced at the local hospital. I will not drink water with little worms in it. I will not step on a bloated dead rat and get guts on my heel. I will not get locked out of my bank account and end up crying for 48 hours thinking I will starve to death and die from lack of funds. I will not believe that ATMs are reliable. I will not bring black havaiana flip flops (like everyone else has) and therefore will not have them mistakenly taken/stolen from outside of the shala. Twice. I will not eat grilled cheese sandwiches for a week straight when I get sick of Indian food and become constipated for 3 days. I will not try to ingest triphala ayurvedic powder if I do get constipated. I will not buy an expensive crapload of medication at home before I travel over to India, since now I know how cheap and available it is there.

Hmm, that's about it. My new adventure is going to be taking an oil bath each Saturday while I'm there. I'm sure I need it...

More to come closer to my trip! I fly away on December 3rd. Bon voyageeeeee :)

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