Friday, November 1, 2013

People for Animals

Hello friends, Yogis, students...

I am heading to Mysore India to practice yoga in one month. While I am there I have decided to try to do more good and help out with a cause I am passionate about. I love animals. I have 5 at home! Last time I was in India it just broke my heart to see how most people treat most animals there (some people treated some animals VERY well, mind you). There were countless homeless dogs, roaming, eating garbage, getting hit by cars, etc. A few yoga students decided to care for some of the dogs with vet visits, medicine and food, and these animals became so lovely in such a short period of time. All they needed was some love. One student even brought one of the dogs home with her at the end of her trip.

LUCKILY there is a wonderful organization run by some loving local people, called PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS It's a bit of a drive out of the city but has tons of land and great facilities, mostly donated. They have dogs, cats, pigs, horses, donkeys, birds, rabbits, monkeys, etc - who have been either abused, injured, neglected, abandoned, etc. They house, feed, spay/neuter, love, groom, rehabilitate and adopt out these animals when appropriate.

I want to help them. I plan to visit weekly or more to donate my time in whatever ways they need me. I also hope to raise some money, as well as using my own money, to bring them food and medicine for the animals. I am not going to give them the money directly, I am going to buy the food and medicine from the veterinarian office in Mysore, load it all into a car and drive there myself to deliver it and visit the animals. I will also be bringing a box or two of kleenex to sop up my sentimentality.

If you would like to help and be part of this effort I would be very appreciative. I will be blogging the whole time, recording the amount of funds raised and detailing exactly what I can get for that amount. I will be taking photos as I go, especially of the animals who get the food and medicine.

If you are able to help, you can either send me an email money transfer (Canadians only, I think?) to Or, You can send your donation via paypal (if you have an account). Even $5 or $10 goes a long way in India. I have no goal amount, but let's see what we can do for these helpless needy animals. I know they will be better for it. I will list all names of those who contribute on this blog. I leave for India on December 2nd so please try to donate before that date.

Here are some photos of PFA

 Doggy X-ray!



  1. Here is another link to PFA

  2. UPDATE: I'm excited to say that you guys have donated $145 so far and it's only been a few days. HURRAY! That is already going to fill a lot of hungry little animal bellies :)

  3. Now I have collected exactly $200 in donations for the animals. Thank you!!!

  4. The final dollar count is $315 and one person told me they still want to donate. So in rupees that is about 18,000rs. I will soon be figuring out what I can buy with those funds, and what they need the most at PFA, and making a thank you list to all of those who have generously helped out.

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