Tuesday, July 31, 2012

flying flying and more flying

I am still in journey, one last short flight to go. In Toronto I found out I was to fly through Brussels, which for some reason I had no idea! But I was actually happy to have what was to be a super long flight broken into two pieces. I had to repack my carry-on luggage 2 times at the check-in counter because it was too heavy, sending me to the back of the line both times. Because of that I got stuck in an emergency exit seat row for BOTH flights! At least it was more leg room, I guess. Toronto to Brussels was 6.5 hours and seemed to go by quickly. For an hour or so I worked on the agenda for the yoga teacher training course that I’m leading when I return to Toronto, and then I watched a movie, half-napped (not actually asleep) and ate. The food was really good on board, Indian style with good vegetarian options. Same with the next flight, Brussels to Delhi, which was 8 hours or so. That one didn’t go buy quite as quickly and I couldn’t wait to get off that plane. Good thing I bought waffles and chocolates in Belgium hahaha! They sprayed us and the whole cabin with a disinfectant spray which I thought was a little creepy and yucky… *sneeze*.

The Delhi airport has been a treat. I arrived around 9pm, cleared customs, collected my bags, and headed to a premium lounge where I rented a tiny suite for 6 hours, including a lovely shower, bathroom and bed, where I napped until 4am. From there I went through security again and checked in my bag and headed to departures, where I am now sitting. I fly to Bangalore (2.5 hour flight only) then meet my driver for a four hour car ride to Mysore. I’m enjoying all of the Hindi signs, since it’s the same alphabet (Devanagari) as Sanskrit, so I can read everything. I don’t necessarily know what everything means, but at least I can read it and pronounce it! Some words are similar or the same as Sanskrit, but nevertheless it’s good practice reading anyways.

The one thing I find surprising is the tea on the planes and in the airport. Isn’t India known for world class tea? Then why am I getting a crummy little tetley tea bag? And why no chai?! Patience grasshopper, I can get that in Mysore. 

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