Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Human as Divine

It’s the springtime and I find that I notice nature a lot more this time of year. How can I not? Everything is coming back to life, becoming colourful once again, opening, growing. Flowers are blooming, trees are budding and blossoming and sprouting leaves. Butterflies are dancing everywhere. Baby birds are calling out and squirrels are once again getting plump and curious. Seeing any of these things just makes me so happy. All of nature makes me smile. It’s all so beautiful.

I am pretty sure this holds true for all of us. When have you ever looked at a flower and thought, “Oh, it’s just okay looking.” When have you been face to face with a mountain and thought, “Meh, seen it before?” …Even if you have seen it before. When have you stood in a babbling brook with smooth river stones under your feet and not just bubbled up inside with pure joy? It’s impossible to swim in the ocean waves and be bored or unhappy. It’s impossible to stare up at the stars and not be taken aback by wonder and amazement.
Why is this? I think it’s because all of these things are pure and natural. They are part of the earth, part of the universe. They are not created by the mind of humans. They are unfettered by planning, scheming, motives, the need for structure and symmetry; there is no ego behind their design or existence. They are simply and truly beautiful.  All of these natural phenomena are created by the universe, by Mother Nature, by god, whoever and whatever that might be.
The most wonderful piece of nature though, of pure beauty, that each of us can witness and enjoy at any moment, is standing right there in the mirror. The body we dwell in is that same as that, part of the universe. Not contrived by the calculating minds of humans, but rather given to us as an authentic gift from god and perfect in its uniqueness. Your very own physical self is a tangible miracle.  Take a moment to fully appreciate the living breathing sensation that is your body. The exact form, shape, appearance, outline, and all other characteristics are just as they are supposed to be.  This is your gift and it is your task to be fully aware of it, take care of it and ensure its longevity, protecting it, enjoying it fully, as you would a fresh cool stream coming down from a mountain, or a 300 hundred year old mighty oak tree, or a baby bird just hatched. You are a source of pure joy because you, like those, are beautiful and divine. 

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