Thursday, July 12, 2012

T-minus 2 weeks until I go to India.

I can't believe it's actually happening! 
I'm going to India.
 I have wanted to for so long that I can't even remember when I first started wanting to go. I have been all over the world, Australia, Bali, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Caribbean, Mexico, USA... Never Europe which is odd I guess. Anyways, I know India will be completely different from all of those places. Fabulous, shocking, enlightening, smelly, busy, beautiful, enchanting... I can't wait!

I'm going to Mysore to study Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago and I never got to meet him or study yoga with him. But the stories are brilliant and his great legacy continues in all of his pupils and in the practice itself. I have taken 2 x 1 week workshops with his grandson Sharath though, and Sarawati, who are the current 'head gurus' of Ashtanga Yoga and have the task of carrying on the lineage and training. I'm headed to the KPJAYI to study for one month with Sharath. I'm very excited to go to the source. I know the teaching and adjusting will be fantastic, but there is something more about going to Mysore. I know and feel this even though I haven't even been yet. I sense that there will be some special energy there, a motivational force driving everyone's practice in that place. Something energizing and meaningful and traditional and authentic. Yes, I want to experience authentic. Oh, and have some chai too. My back is feeling a little tweaky and junky the past few weeks. I hope it feels better soon so I can get the most out of my trip and experience.

Dear Ganesha, please remove the obstacle currently plaguing my back. Thank you :)

...the packing has begun!

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