Saturday, July 28, 2012

One day to go... till sleeping pod!

I leave tomorrow for India. My biggest concern (strangely) was the travel over there. I go straight to Delhi (one long ass flight) then I get dumped there overnight from 9pm til 7am, then fly to Bangalore. I was worried about such a long time in an airport in India... Will it be super dirty? Will I be able to snooze? Will I get robbed? etc etc. BUT, after looking online at the airport website, now I'm super excited to hit up the Delhi airport!! HAHA... It looks so fun! Tons of restaurants to try, all sort of shopping to browse through, a massage and spa place, shower and nap rooms, and get this... SLEEPING PODS, right at your GATE! What what!
My mind is blown. I want to sleep in a pod for sure :) Let's hope though, I wake up and make my flight to Bangalore in the morning!!
Today is all about last minute packing. Or rather, unpacking. I'm really trying to cut down on luggage. But I am told it's so humid there right now that when you wash your clothes, they NEVER dry, so in that case, I need more clothes. Especially yoga gear. Hmm.
Two more classes to teach tomorrow morning at Fireflow. Sad to go! I love watching the progress of students in my classes and how it can help bodies, minds and spirits. But then again, that is why I'm going to India. To learn more and practice more, so that when I come back, I can give more.

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