Friday, December 27, 2013

3rd trip to PFA

It's Friday. I had led primary series this morning at 6am and I felt pretty tired and weak and sluggish. I did my best. Maybe it's the new medication I prescribed for myself?! Thanks by the way to those of you who have given me more deets about the drugs I stupidly started taking on the advice of the internet LOL. However, I will share this little piece of TMI. I have now taken 4 pills, and have had my first semi-solid bowel movement in a few weeks. YAY ME! :)

I was supposed to have a 90 minute massage today which I was so looking forward to and was so in need of. But, the therapist is sick and cancelled. *tear* My poor back will have to wait. Hopefully we can reschedule for Monday. I have never had such chronic tightness and pain in my erector spinae, mid back. Very new sensation. Very yucky.

I made some cinnamon pomegranate pancakes for breakfast (why not! they were good!) then went to chanting class, which I just can't get enough of. Afterwards I walked to the tailor and put in my last order (I wish there was one of these at home... at these prices of course!). I am having a few dog leashes made out of the left over silk from the bottom of saris.

Then I hitched a rickshaw to the pet supply store and loaded up on dog food, puppy food, cat food, and more treats this time, to take to the animals at the PFA shelter. The owner threw in two extra boxes of dog treats since I have become somewhat of a regular now at his shop.

We got to the shelter and now I know the drill. We took the food right into the office and I signed it in in the register. Then I walked around for about an hour visiting all of the animals. I think they remember me now! I checked on the caged animals and hurt animals and everyone seemed to be coming along nicely. The dog from last week who had a leg removed and had a cone on his head, was roaming free, learning how to operate on three legs. Not bad! It took him a while to get to his treats, but he managed. I can't believe how fast I went through all of the treats. I should bring even MORE next time!!

I scattered the entire bag of cat treats through the grate into their big cat room/cage. They were all over them! Nom nom nom. Happy cats. No longer needing to eat each other :) *beam*

New addition to the shelter. A big cage full of beautiful white rats! Fluffy and happy, eating their rat food. There seemed to be more guinea pigs, or maybe they were just hiding last time. There also seemed to be more white bunnies. But we all know about bunnies... What else - OH, a monkey tried to pee on me! Haha.. I saw it coming though and jumped back. I guess I should bring them bananas next week.

Here are some pics from my visit today.

Mama and her teeny pups, she's all teeth and barks until the treats show up, then she's sweet as molasses ;)

Tomorrow is a day off from yoga practice. Phew. 6 days in a row was awesome, but my poor back could use a rest. I probably will end up at the pool... :)

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