Thursday, December 19, 2013

Somnathpur Temple

Quick blog... As I need to go to sleep to wake up at 445am for led primary.

This morning I woke up less sick than the past two days. All I have left really is a dry hacking cough. I practiced. I felt useless. But I practiced. I rushed too. I knew my energy reserves were very limited so I needed to geterdone before I reached 'empty'! It's funny how I can't help but feel like a bad person when I have a bad practice. I know that's super silly, so I don't let it get to me. It always passes. Hopefully one day I stop equating the quality of my practice with my self worth! Nonsense. I know better.

This afternoon I hired a car to take me to Somnathpur temple. I went last year and I LOVE this place. I forget all of the details but it was built somewhere around 1300AC? BC? LOL I don't know. It's ancient. And sacred. And beautiful. I filmed a short youtube yoga video which I will post upon my return home. I love the drive to and from the temple as well. It's around an hour and we pass through little villages, rice fields, farms, sugar cane plantations, you name it. Natural and stunning. Colourful and lively. Smelly and fascinating. Me and my driver at one point began having a competition about who could make the best animal noises. I had a good monkey noise. He was great at donkey sounds. We both failed at elephant noises.

Here are a few photos I also snapped before leaving. It's sort of not kosher to wear yoga clothing at a temple (although it's not a 'working' temple, it's just a historical site now) but my mini photoshoot sure drew a lot of onlookers!!!

The outside walk way around Somnathpur Temple

The one on the right is the conspirator "Take our photo!"

Chatturanga Dandasana
Somnathpura Temple Proper 


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