Sunday, December 15, 2013

Poo in the air

This morning I had my second 430am led primary. It was awful! Last week I guess I was still jet lagged so didn't mind getting up at all. Today was so difficult! I pressed snooze once and even considered not going. But that is silly, I'm here for the yoga so I am going to yoga! I had a bad sleep. Raaji decided to chew his grody stinky bone loudly in my ear, until I woke up and hid it in the drawer. Then he decided to chew his ball loudly. I put it in the drawer. Poor boy, no toys. Sleep dammit! Then I woke up with itchy feet from all of the mosquito bites I've accumulated. It was around 1130pm and I decided to pop an antihistamine which would relieve the itching and also make me drowsy and hopefully keep me asleep.  It did, but I think this was a mistake, because I'm sure while I was practicing this morning, I was still drowsy from the antihistamines. I was totally only half there in class today. Literally I was trying to keep the proper drishti but my eyes would droop and fall lower than my drishti. Haha, that has definitely never happened to me before. In paschimattanasana, as I snuggled my face into my shins, I actually had the thought, "I wonder if anyone has ever fallen asleep before in led class?" I thought I might be the first. I made it through, though. Sharath gave us no rest at the end again, just "Go home" at 5:50am so I did. I lied down on top of my bed in my sweaty yoga clothes and bulky warm over clothes and fell asleep for an hour. LOL! Super savasana! I woke up to a sunny room around 715am. Poor Raaji was nearly dying for a pee by the time I finally got up. He was last outside at 5pm. He held it in though until I was ready, like a good boy. I swear he peed for 2 minutes when we got outside. Oh yeah, by the way dog owners, he doesn't lift his leg to pee, he just takes a funny stance like a forward lunge and goes. Is this normal? Bad? OK?? What's up with this? People laugh when they see him going.

After I showered for the second time (needed a quick hot shower at 330am to wake up) and got dressed I took the Raj for a looooong walk. We ended up at Santosha cafe, where I had a chai with Emily and a few other people. The chat was about the differences between Sharath and Guruji, and how your experience of your relationship with Sharath is not pre-determined, but rather it is what you make it and will be the way you decide to think of it as. People seemed to have very personal and intimate relationships with Guruji, and not as much so with Sharath, but maybe you CAN have that relationship with him, if you want to. For sure there are more students now, but many are just passing through. If you want Sharath to become your Guru, you need to start building a relationship.

Then we went by Silver Nest to see Meena and I picked up a few nice silver pendants and earrings, some OMs and whatnot. She told us a story of a stray dog who used to visit her, named whiny, but one day it dove out of her window and impaled itself on her fence, and it's insides came outside. And she didn't know what to do. And was very sad. Obvi. Hmm... The people here love to tell stories! I was not sure how to respond to that one!? I also noticed a photo of me and her on her famous table of photos!

Then we walked up the road and I checked out Emily's new place. It's a nice big space, BUT, there are GIANT cockroaches who like to visit her house. There was a dustpan of like 10 of them half dead near the doorway. She is looking for a new place. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

Then we headed off to Silent Shores for the afternoon, to spend some time at the pool. She is feeling sick and has a cough and a stuffy nose, just like I did when I came here last time. There is SO MUCH dust in the air, and car exhaust, and POO, that nearly everyone gets some kind of respiratory thing. There is so much shit everywhere here, cow poo, dog poo, cat poo, pony poo, goat poo, even... human... poo... And then it gets so hot and dry outside, and cars run over it, and it all turns to dust... and then, we breathe it. Am I turning you on to coming to India yet?! LOL I just make sure to use my neti pot every day to clean out my nose and sinuses and I blow my nose all the time, to get to poo particles out. No one likes poo in their nose, right?

A big poo maker walking down the street
Anyways... The pool was lovely, 350 rupees to use it for the day, which is around $6, actually kind of expensive for India, but well worth it obviously! This includes towel service, lawn chairs, lockers, changerooms and showers, a bathroom etc. It was a huge place with a few yogis lounging and a few other people too. It was pretty far out of town and a huge property set back from the road, which is what made it "silent" I guess, but the long rickshaw ride there was quite interesting actually. Getting away from the constant chaotic noise of the city was kind of amazing! We ordered some food and smoothies by the pool. I decided to go for a samosa, and maybe pizza, but that seemed like a weird combo, so I just ordered 2 samosas. The waiter confirmed, 2 orders of samosa? I said yes. Later he arrives with two PLATES of samosas, 5 on each plate. Haha... not little appetizer samosas, big first size samosas! Oopsie. Luckily Emily was up for eating one plate and I ate the other. They were really good, stuffed with potatoes and peas and carrots and just the right amount of spice. We finished them all off after about an hour.We will definitely be going back there! They also have a spa so I might tack on a massage next time too. It's a tough life. The afternoon made up for my crappy morning and even Emily started to feel better after some sun and rest and food.

Hibiscus by the pool

Silent Shores Hotel/Resort/Pool, in Mysore, India



  1. Whiney was a v special dog. We were all very very sad.

    1. :( I am sure he was. Sorry to hear this story. I can't believe he went out the window...