Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sleeping like a happy baby

In reference to the conference that Sharath gave on Sunday, regarding how much a yogi should sleep. He said 6.5-7 hours for people in 20s, 30s, 40s... More sleep for younger and less sleep for older.

I don't know about this theory.

Here, I have been sleeping 9-10 hours a night and I feel GREAT! He said if you sleep too much you will feel very dull.

At home I sleep between 6-8 hours depending on my work schedule, teaching and practicing yoga (ok, and sometimes depending on if it's the finale of the Bachelor or Hell's Kitchen LOL!). I can happily survive on 8 hours. But if I get 6 or 7, I feel like total crap. I have trouble getting out of bed, I feel tired all day long, I need to take a nap, by bedtime I am nearly dying.

Here, I am waking up before my alarm, bouncing around all day, walking everywhere, practicing yoga, and I don't feel tired at all or any need to nap. And I'm pretty sure I'm not 'dull'. I know there are other factors too, like lots of sunshine and warmth. For sure this affects me (and most people) because of the vitamin D which enhances our mood and the warmth just makes me feel good. But still, I am sleeping around 10 hours and I feel fantastic. I think the extra sleep really energizes me.

So, am I the exception to the rule? Is there something wrong with me? Maybe I just need more than other people? Is Sharath wrong to generalize? I don't know. But I know that if I only slept 6.5-7 hours here in Mysore on my trip, it would not be as good an experience for me.

One cute note about me not being dull... Lakshmish, who is the chanting/sanskrit/yoga sutras/philosophy teacher said to me yesterday, in front of the class (15-20 students), "Shareen, can I ask you a personal question?" I was thinking, Oh my god, what is he going to ask!??! I said ok and he said I must answer truthfully... Then he said "I have been observing you last year and this year, before asana practice, during your yoga practice, and after. Most people look tired, or want to go home and eat or have water or shower or nap, but you, you always just look happy. You always have a natural happy smile. What is your secret?!" Haha, I was relieved and also surprised, because I was unaware that I was often smiling or looking happy. That's awesome! Uh... the first thing (actually) that came to my mind was potato chips. I just had a bag on my way to class and that made me pretty damn happy! (Bad lady!) But what I said, genuinely, was that I was just really happy to be here, and to be able to learn and practice at KPJAYI. I feel like, isn't everyone here feeling that way!? Maybe mine just shines through my face a little more. I am not sure why he noticed this about me and not other people!

In retrospect now, though, I'm thinking maybe it's because I sleep a lot more than everyone else?! Who knows!!

My alarm settings during my stay here in Mysore

Well, that's it for now. Happy sleeping! Comments/knowledge about this sleeping theory are welcomed and encouraged...

*PS - my puppy sleeps silently beside me all night too. 10 hours straight without stirring. I also find this strange. Is that normal?! 

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  1. I think maybe you need 10 hours because you're catching up from the jet lag still? Or maybe because of the rigour of practice in KPJAYI? And, just anytime you travel and are out of your regular routine, you get sleepy and need extra hours. This happens when I go to my parents' cottage in the summer. I love what that teacher said about you - your happiness shines through the computer screen, too. :) xoxo