Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's a cat-eat-cat world

Today was my second Mysore style practice. I was sent to the very back right, on the tile, until after a few standing poses Sharath moved me smack dab into the middle of the room. Someone different adjusted my supta kurmasana today and did an ok job, but not as good as the guy yesterday. And he stayed there the whole time with my feet hooked onto his ankles which made it impossible to lift up properly and jump back afterwards. Ah well. After setu bandhasana, I hopped onto my feet and started pasasana, like I did yesterday.

Yesterday I did the three 2nd series poses Sharath gave me last year. He watched. Today, after the first side of the first pose, he said "Primary only!". I was confused. I said, "Last year you told me to do up to shalabhasana." He said "First week take easy, only primary." Oops. I didn't know this rule!! There are so many! I immediately sat down and did my backbends. After my first drop back and stand up, he said to me, "Walk in". I must have looked confused. He said, "Go down, walk in, come up." Oh, ok, I think I get it. I have never done that before. So I did two more and walked in and stood up. Weird. I guess it was harder because I didn't have the momentum, but maybe easier in a sense too? I'll keep working on it. The he walked to me for assisted drop backs. I said sorry about the 2nd series. He held my waist and I fell backwards. He's so damn close! I couldn't come all the way up because his chest was right in my face! I went down on the last one and as usual he said "Walk... walk... keep walking... walk more..." Boom, my hands touched my heels. How the hell? "Straighten your arms." They straighten a little. "Walk more!" I knew I was at my max max max so I made fake little walking motions with my fingers, but they stayed where they were. He laughed. Then I stood up and said thank you. He gave me a back squish, which was a little better and longer than last year.

Outside the shala, a new friend Susan said she heard him say "Primary only!" and looked over and saw it was directed at me. LOL. Great. I'm the shala doofus.

I went for lunch at Green Leaf with Michael and Emily and had Thali, which usually I don't like, but it was pretty good. I had the north Indian selection, which is like 7 little dishes of mystery food, a papadum and 2 rotis. Three of them I had no interest in, but the others were really good. And thali is always so cheap! 85 rupees for the whole meal. (Less than $2)

North Indian Thali at Green Leaf Cafe 85rs
After that Emily and I hopped in a rickshaw with a driver who did not leave us with much confidence about knowing where we were going... But we took the chance. He used the meter, which was a mistake in the end since he got lost and we drove around forever! I was sure we would never find the place. What place? PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS. It was my first trip to the shelter. I wanted to visit, check it out and ask personally what they need before I brought stuff to them.

Outside the gates of PFA
We were greeted at the gates by some friendly dogs and a nice lady. She didn't speak english, but she led us around the grounds on a tour. Out in the open were tons of dogs. A lot of mangy looking beasts, a lot with only three legs, a few puppies. Not one was aggressive. Only aggressive in wanting love and attention! The friendliest beast had only 3 legs and was not satisfied until you gave him plenty of head rubs. He hopped happily ahead of us as if he was giving the tour.

Finally after seeing an injured pelican, lots of tiny puppies in cages, some with their mommy, roaming dogs, happy ponies, some bunnies, monkeys, parrots, a guinea pig and more... We got to the the cat house. There were only a handful in there. And then I looked more closely in a burlap hammock type thing. A cat was eating. What was it eating? Meat? A rabbit? Oh lord, I think it's another cat. Gross! Ripping and pulling chunks of it off. The noise was the worst part. Me and Emily were both slightly traumatized. I really hope that cat was already dead before it started to become Meow Mix. Later in the rickshaw home Emily said, "I know what I'm donating... cat food!"

Back at the main compound, I could see through a door that there was a dog surgery going on, probably a neutering? Or maybe an amputation. there seemed to be a lot of those. 

I went into the office and spoke to someone who seemed to be in charge. I asked what they needed most and he showed me a list and said cat and dog food as well as fresh grass and some other items. He wrote down a few for me and told me a vet who would give a 20% discount if I said it was for PFA. Awesome. I told him I'd return next week with the supplies. He seemed happy and was very friendly with us, asking a few more questions like what we are doing in India, where we are from, etc. 

I will report back next week with all of the things I was able to purchase with the kind donations of my friends, family and yoga students, plus a list of everyone who contributed so generously. Maybe during the holidays, the animals won't have to eat their friends. Instead, they'll get some kibble :) Ho ho ho... 

*If you still want to donate to my PFA project, any amount even small is amazing, I will be buying the animal food in one week. Click below to go to paypal:

Thank you! Moo! Neigh! Woof! Meow! Tweet! Munch munch! 

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