Thursday, December 12, 2013

Old soul

I've just finished my second Friday led primary series. I'll admit, I felt a little lazy today. I "only" slept for 8 hours last night, haha, and Raaji decided to bark ferociously in the middle of the night, scaring the shiznit out of me. He also decided he didn't want to sleep in his own bed, like he has done every night up to now, but rather, he wanted to share my TWIN bed. It was very cozy! He pressed up against me all night, which was cute, but it pinned me down, so I couldn't do my flip - flop - right side - left side - pillow change maneuvers that I usually do. He's also a farter. I guess this is sort of like having a husband?! P.U.

I woke up a few times before my alarm and checked my phone for the time, as I do, paranoid I will miss class (happened to a friend last week). When my alarm went off at 445am, I hit SNOOZE. Only once. But I still didn't really want to get up. I guess I have been waking up this early all week, but didn't really HAVE to get out of bed the other days. I slowly got up and got ready. Today I had to get out of the house in 45 minutes (luxurious at home, feels rushed here!). I took my hot shower, brushed my teeth, ate one of those small weird bananas (my tummy was growling, sue me) and had some water. I got dressed and put my hair into two braids. I checked my emails. I had to leave in 5 minutes (530am real time, 545am shala time, 5 minutes walk, I would get to the shala 10 minutes before class, which is actually pushing it), just enough time to take Raaji out for a peepee.

I got my mat bag ready with a yoga towel and my kpjayi pass and went to grab my keys. Hmmm... Not on the night table. I maybe didn't put them there because Raaji likes the Ganesha ornament on my keychain and already ate one of his elephant ears off. Where did I put it? In the drawer? No. In the mat bag in preparation? No. In the door? No. In the cupboard? No. In the FRIDGE!? (I actually looked there). No. In my pants pockets from last night? No. In my hoodie? WHAT THE HELL! Where are they! I re-looked in all of those places more carefully. I felt the bed covers to see if it was under the covers. I looked under the bed. Oh dear oh dear. I now HAVE to go to class or I'll be late. I consider what will happen if I can't find them. I could go to the 730 class, but likely get in trouble from Sharath. I could email my landlord, but likely won't get a response for a long time. I could leave the door open, but no I can't because it's not just my stuff I'm worried about, the dog will get out. I could lock him in the bathroom? That's awful. I emptied both of my suitcases and opened pockets and rooted through everything. Sigh.

I thought, if I was Raaji, where would I put them?! (LOL) Last ditch I lifted up my pillows. Boom. Keys buried under the pillows. I definitely did not put them there. The darn dog realized that every time I grab the keys, it means I am leaving him. So he hid them. So damn smart! Maybe more devious than my weasels at home!!! Argh. I grabbed them. Gave him a pat on the head and told him to hold his pee cuz I had to RUN! I locked the door and heard a few whimpers but not too much.

Off I went to class, in a frizzle. Whatever that is. I got to the shala and there were so many people there already, full up the stairs and driveway, and spilling out of the gates. I went up to the gate to assess how far back I was. I think I was last to arrive. I decided to sneak across everyone to the other side, not really budding in, just getting a place to put my shoes and sit for a minute. I'm sure a few people were not impressed with my strategy. We heard the final chant from the 430am class, and then he told them to lie down (which means YAY we get to rest today!). 60 seconds later we heard, thank you go home. Ok, a short rest, but a rest nonetheless.

We all stood up and wiggled up the stairs like rabid sheep. Baabaa... Baabaa... I was way ahead of where I should be, but, that's the way it goes peeps! I didn't get an elbow in the ribs or anything, so I guess no one really minded. I found a spot in the front row, second from the wall on the right. Not bad. The window right in front of my spot was open and blowing lots of cool air in. I also spotted the little water bottle nearby which made me happy. I didn't have to produce enough sweat for garbha pindasana, I could just grab the bottle! I try not to notice, but the guy beside me was really bouncy and floaty. Every time we jumped back, he nearly didn't land. I think he had helium for breakfast. My practice was a little sluggish and maybe sort of lazy, but I practiced. I barely broke a sweat, maybe just along my hairline. We finished and had a micro-rest.

I got home to pup, and he didn't yowl and bark like he sometimes does when I get home. I leashed him and we went out for our walk. He found a patch of grass and did his bizniss. Good boy. He's only 3 months old how is he trained so well? Nothing was chewed or eaten or broken either. I did find a floor mat and his shampoo bottle in his bed though. He was collecting. I think he must be an old soul.

Rewind...yesterday... A new person assisted me in practice. A girl. She helped my in supta kurmasana and only got me in a little bit, and then she assisted me in drop backs. Sharath was right beside us dropping someone else back and I saw him watching me, I assume to make sure I walked in just as far with her as I did with him. I did. I was pretty happy not to have to do that today! My back needs a rest. After practice, the girl came up to me in the change room and asked me if I usually cross my ankles all the way behind my head. I said yes. She said ok, next time she'll remember me and get me in all the way. She wasn't sure. I thought that was pretty awesome that she followed up and asked me about it. I told her it's hard work for her to do it, she needs to lift up my right heel which gets caught on my left foot, but once it's over I can squeeze my legs and lock my ankles then I'm good to go. That is the first time here anyone has actually asked me about a pose or an assist. Very nice.

Sharath announced that on Sunday there is an event, "Run for Unity" in front of the palace starting at 7am. Therefore there will only be 2 led primary classes (430am and 6am) then he's going to the run and he wants us all to participate (I nearly HA'd out loud) and then led intermediate class will be at 330pm. There will be no conference this week. I will certainly NOT be running. Gross. Do people run here?! I might go and watch though. So, tomorrow is a rest day and I guess I will sadly have no conference notes to report until next week. Are people actually going to run a marathon then do a led intermediate at the hottest time of the day!? Good god! Jai Hanuman!

I'm off to chanting class now. 

'...vakratunda mahakaya koti surya samapraba avignam kuru me deva... '

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