Tuesday, August 7, 2012

adopted by Saraswati

Yesterday after chanting, and before Sanskrit and Philosophy, I went to a temple built in the 1200s with my friend Valentin.

It was more than amazing. Beautiful, ancient, full of history and stories and enchantment. Just being on that archaeological site was magical. Of course a little guide dude approached us right at the entrance saying we will not understand anything if he doesn't go with us and explain. On the inside I was laughing... not understand? I understand that this place is a treasure and I can appreciate it's beauty and it's past whether or not the details are explained to me or not. But he was persistent and I think Valentin sort of wanted to hear what the guy had to say. So we went with him. I was dying to just dash around and look at everything, fast! I wanted to see it all, now! And then later take my time looking closer at details etc. Well, that was clearly not how it was going to go down. We stopped at the entrance. He talked. and talked. and talked. OMG! Let's go inside! Then... he talked... he talked... he talked... Of course a little bit of it was interesting and some things I would never know if he didn't tell us. But, I have to say, I sort of wandered off on my own, and left Valentin with the guy most of the time! I could recognize when I saw Lord Ganesha (elephant), Matseya (fish), fighters on horses, Krishna, lotuses, etc. It was breathtaking.

We *barely* made it back in time for class, nearly hitting a few dogs, cows and buses. We also stopped at a guava farm HELLO!!!! and bought a whole bag of fresh fragrant delicious guavas, for 15 rupees. Less than 50 cents. YUM! They cut some open right away, sprinkled them with some reddish stuff and ate them. Ok, I'll try the reddish stuff (I'm thinking, sugar?). GROSS! chili and salt! I was NOT expecting that taste.

Today, practice was 7am Mysore again. Still not help with supta kurmasana, even though I poked my head out of my turtle shell, looked around to the right, the left, behind... No one in sight. Boo. Lift up jump back, move on. Again Saraswati was there to do my drop backs. In fact, she stood beside me right from backbending waiting to help. I like her, she is very sweet, but... She seems to have adopted me yet I think I signed up to practice with Sharath. I would like at some point for him to help me with drop backs! Just sayin'...

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