Tuesday, August 21, 2012

walk MORE?!

I had my regular Mysore practice yesterday and today. For some reason I am really tired when I wake up lately, for the first time on this trip. It feels just like when I am at home and my 5am alarm goes off to go coach swimming. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" is what goes through my head. Haha... "please please please 5 more minutes, no 10, no, 20!" snooze.... snoooze... snoooooze... OK, time to get up. *eye rub*

I have been going to bed around 9pm, which is actually late for here, but 9pm-5am is 8 hours, which should be sufficient, no? Maybe I'll roll it back to 8pm, I guess my body is soaking up some extra needed sleepy time from a deficiency I've accumulated over the years!

Practice went well yesterday and today. Yesterday when Sharath was helping me with my backbends, I went back and landed and he said "walk... walk" and I walked as FAR as my body could possibly walk. I could see my heels. I could see his foot. Wiggle wiggle creep creep... "straighten your arms" and I actually could not, I was for sure at my physical limit. I tried anyways. Then I popped back up to standing. He showed me like, half a millimeter with his fingers and thumb. And we both laughed, so close but just ain't getting there.

Today again the same. Drop backs, I land, he says "walk... walk... walk more..." BINGO! My fingers touched my heels. I think to myself, 'I'm here! I did it! I did what he wanted me to do! Taadaaaa!'... Then he says "walk little more". WHAT!? more? how? to where?! lol... fuck it, I walk more, and clobber my hands to my heels and feet and clumsily grab at myself. LOL, like that?! "Very good, very good", and back up to standing I go. Then I sit down for forward fold to counter stretch my maxed out back, and he squashes me downwards for 3-4 breaths and I stay there on my own until I reach 10. His squashes, and Saraswati's, are sure not like the cozy, massagey, hug like squashes I'm used to back at AYCT. I get it, he's in a rush, and has way more people to get through, but boy do I miss the careful back squishing, rocking side to side, getting all those muscles stretched out, and a nice sacrum push at the end. *sigh* I'll do it myself!

Finally I'm feeling much better. My sinuses are 99% clear and I only have a bit of an itchy scratch in the back of my throat. I think the whole city of Mysore was sick. I went to my tailor yesterday to order some stuff, and he said he was closed the day before because he was sick, stuffed up, sneezing, pain in his head, and his kid had the same. Yup, me too! At least I was not alone ;)

I've been staying close to home and just chillin' for the past few days and I think that is the best thing for me. I have also resorted to eating plain, unspicy food and my tummy is way happier. Grilled cheese w ketchup (lol), cup-a-soup, fruit salad, tropicana OJ, etc. Good times. I knew eventually I would get sick of, or at least could no longer tolerate, Indian food. When I get to Goa I'll try all the food again, because I think it's pretty different there, lots of fish and a Portuguese influence. From what I read and hear, they are big foodies and very proud of their local cuisine.

Here's a pic of some henna (mehendi) I drew on myself. 

Oh, and some cute baby cows that I saw on my way to the market yesterday. Moo! I thought they tan coloured one was a camel at first, it was so weird and skinny looking! 

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