Sunday, August 19, 2012

sunday snotty sunday

so yesterday i went to bangalore, a bigger city near to mysore. we went to the huge modern ISKCON temple and did lots of shopping and sightseeing. it was a ton of fun, but in retrospect, probably a mistake since i'm here to practice yoga, and i think i really could have used an actual rest day. we left on the 6am train, and got back around 9pm, so i didn't get to sleep until about 10pm. Today i woke up at 315am to get to the shala for early led primary, except i felt like SNOT. literally. sinuses clogged, headache, sneezing, irritated, AND tired. oh, and my intestines were a little funky too. an awesome combination all in all! the smoke and air in banglalore were SO bad for sure i made myself worse. oops. so i skipped my practice. after pressing snooze a few times trying to talk myself into going. yup. it's true. i'm not proud of it, but i knew i just couldn't get through it. tomorrow is mysore style/self-practice so i am going no matter what. i'll be able to stop and take little tissue nose blowing breaks, and even run to the bathroom if i have to, things that really cannot be done in a led class. so sue me. sharath gave me the evil eye, i'm sure of it(!!!) at the conference this afternoon, which i also barely got through.

i was a waste of space in my two sanskrit classes today too. i got a translation wrong, and he said, go try and fix it, and looked at it, realized my brain was feeling very broken and incapable, and then i actually said "i can't, i'm sick" lol, my brain was mush and i had zero motivation to think any harder than my initial attempt. sorry! sue me again. then he said to me "i think fever is coming". great.

sharath said some decent stuff at the conference today about teachers and gurus, despite the bizarre questions he was asked from students, but as i said earlier, "i can't, i'm sick". i'll tell y'all later!! for now, here's a short video from my train ride and escapade in bangalore yesterday, in lieu of a blog for aug 18. for now, i'm off to sleep to heal my clogged self.

Train to Bangalore (video)

oh yeah - on top of my snotty sunday, someone took my shoes from outside the shala. and i walked home (street is super dirty and cow pooey) with bare feet. yuck! and ouch! but alas, i got them back later. maybe that was my karma for skipping practice. doh.