Tuesday, August 14, 2012

i'm a duck

OK i was wrong. i got moved to a new earlier time today! not next week like i projected. proves - you never know around here! i walked into the foyer at 615am this morning for practice (the perfect amount of early for my new 630am slot), used to the 7am queue of about 10-20 people, and i immediately saw that i was the only one waiting! i didn't even have to wait. the moment i closed the outside door behind me, sharath called "one more!". i'm glad i was there, or his request would have gone unanswered! boom, i went right in and got a good spot. i saw that the exact same thing happened to my friend amanda who entered the foyer a few minutes after me. as soon as i stepped on my mat sharath said "new time, 6am". oh, ok!

the only thing i don't like about the earlier time is that you have to do finishing postures in the changeroom (shoulderstand onwards). which is kind of dark and cold and icky. and it's a little too dark outside when i go there too, hard to see where my shoes are to put them on, and hard to lock the door. i do like though that i get home and shower before santosha cafe opens (at 8am) so i don't have to walk through a cafe of happy breakfasters with only my towel on. haha!

practice was good again. i had a turtle adjustment that was ok, it wasn't as horrendous as the other days. i tried at home yesterday to put myself in it... it ain't happening. not yet. see my photo on my mana yoga facebook page for a detailed photo description!!! sharath was there for backbending and i got pretty far. he told me to "crawl... crawl... straighten your arms... crawl more..." (my fingers towards my feet) then i *think* i heard him say "good" on my way up (or i hallucinated it) and he held his thumb an inch from his middle finger for me to see, basically telling me i'm super close to grabbing my own ankles. at that point, it's my shoulders that protest more than my back. which i guess is a good sign for my back. for my shoulders though? who knows. i need to stabilize them more with shoulder blades down my back and externally rotate my humoruses (lol word?!) humori?

he also stood on my mat and watched me do the first part of backbending on my own. i did one, he said "don't turn out your toes, you're a duck, *chuckle chuckle*". dammit, caught red-footed. i made my feet parallel. i bent backwards, it's a little harder to control, and my landing was a little harsher, but fine still. then he stood on my toes so i could not turn them out. and i was.... stuck! i sent my brain to every part of my body that i thought i needed to, to stand up, but there was no response! he laughed and got off my toes and i turned them out and popped up. rats. i'm a cheater. then he said "tomorrow pashasana, only pashasana". so tomorrow i get to move on to the first posture of the second series. i haven't done it in a few weeks so i tried it tonight just to make sure it was still possible, and it was fine. however, i don't recommend it after dinner. *urp*

yesterday i had some mehendi done (indian henna temporary tattoo) by a very nice lady from varanasi who is only here for a few days. here's some pics! oh yeah, the last one is at the pool today. first time i went in a week, since i moved out of that hotel. it was hot and sunny all day yesterday and today so i decided i needed some quality pool time!!

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