Thursday, August 9, 2012

not as busted as I thought

So I practiced today with my recently busted up knee (read previous post for details!) and as it turns out, it's not as busted as I thought. It has some pain for sure, but it didn't bother me in any poses. Good good. To my surprise I felt super tired today during practice, even though I thought I had a very good sound sleep. I also felt realllllly dizzy. Which makes me think I am not as hydrated as I should be. I have pretty low blood pressure in general, but I'm usually ok to practice. Filling up on fluids raises your blood pressure, so that is what I need to do. I think I drink way more water at home. I'm always out and about here, and forget to keep drinking! But now I know I need to pay more attention to that since I seriously thought I would pass out a few times today. Not good! I can hear Sharath now..., "No fainting!".

I had a turtle adjustment, but once again, it felt really bad. I guess I am spoiled at AYCT in Toronto with really good adjustments. Or just different. Nah, better. Oh well. Finally Sharath was there to help me with drop backs. It felt pretty good, he was really pressing on my sacrum which was helping me tuck my tailbone, lengthen my low back, and get the rest of the spine to do the bending rather than just the crunchy low part. The only reason he was able to adjust me is because Saraswati wasn't there today - haha!

The plan is to take it easy for the rest of the day, except for classes Sanskrit level 2 and 3 later from 4-6pm, and to bed early for led primary tomorrow morning. Oh, and going to try to ingest 2 liters of water. BOTTLED water ;)

And of course, many many cups of CHAI!

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