Sunday, August 12, 2012

farm day at KPJAYI

first i have to say that i am eating fresh baked mango crisp made by sara at santosha cafe, where i am staying, and where i eat breakfast every day. yum! end of mango season and we are making the most of it.

today i was scheduled to practice at 7am, which is a major sleep in after 430am yesterday, so i woke up early, made some tea, washed all my bedding and hung it up on the roof to dry, then eventually made my way to the shala. as soon as i sat down he pointed to me to come in, and said "change your time, 630am", which means he moved me earlier. i guess that's how it works, all the new people are put at the latest time and the more time you spend here the earlier you get moved. so let me guess - next week 6am, then my last week 530am. works for me!

for some reason, today in the shala, it was like a barnyard. everyone was snorting, horking, stinking... what a circus! i was smiling and laughing to myself at one point, thinking, is this for real?! it was so gross today! i actually thought someone might spit on my mat. yuck! hey people, blow your nose before your practice and wear a little deodorant. for realz. it was out of control. mooooo.... baaaaahhh... cluck cluck. we aren't animals! right!?

again it was a nice sweaty mysore practice, steamy and just right. i also think i had a little extra energy from my tea. i felt uch better and happier than yesterday. yay caffeine! i had a crappy turtle adjustment again, i really need to sit up and do it on my own, shoving both legs behind my head. today a different guy did it, and was shoving my forehead down into the ground so hard i thought my skull was going to crack open. um, ow!? if you want something done right, do it yourself. that is sort of the point anyways. the same guy helped e with drop backs, it was ok, he let me go alllll the way into really deep backbends. it felt ok. i think i need to start to go deeper now anyways, things are healing up. the thing was though, he only brought me up like 3/4 of the way so i was sort of hanging there, not quite vertical then dropping back again. it was fine, but it was weird. like i was never grounded. i guess i need to dig my heels in more and use my abdominals to come up to full standing on my own.

later today... getting some mehendi (henna tattoo)... will post pics later! :)

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