Friday, August 17, 2012

moon day congestion

no practice this morning, it's a moon day. i slept in a little but was woken up early by fighting mysore street dogs (i think they have dog gangs) and also by the completely spastic squirrels. they are cute as hell to watch, especially when they start squeaking and their little bodies puff with each noise they emit, but damn, they go forever! like, one hour or more! squeak squeak squeak... and it's loud! champion squirrels.

a bunch of us made a bunch of loose plans for the day, but, well, they all sort of fell apart. no one really got in touch, some peeps came to santosha for brekky, then i just headed into the city with a friend and we checked out some bookstores, the market to get more malas, stopped for lunch... then i decided to take a little nap because my sinuses have finally conceded to the polluted air of mysore. i guess my nose could only inhale so much burning garbage and motorcycle smoke before getting clogged. urgh. my sinuses are not happy! i got some ayurvedic capsules and took one. WHOA! my sinuses have never felt so clear in my life. but i also felt like had ingested 3 pounds of cocaine. for real! i was shaky, adrenaline pumping, heart racing, energetic, spaced out.... not good! so much for going with the natural remedy. i guess there was some kind of epinephrine in there, even though the ingredients were lame, like, dandelion, tulsi, and other herbs. i will not be taking another pill! i'll sniff some eucalyptus in boiling water, use my neti pot and just wait it out. ick. i guess it's good to have to rest days to sort it out.

the one plan that everyone did stick to for today though, was going to a movie. we all saw step up: revolution 3d... haha, a teeny bopper dance movie! but it was a ton of fun and now we all want to bust out in a dance flash mob in sharath's conference on sunday. unlikely!!!

tomorrow morning i'm taking the express train with two friends into the bigger city of bangalore just to wander around and check it out. we plan to see the big modern isckon temple and the bull temple, and then hit up commercial drive which is supposed to be a big shopping strip, then we'll be back in the evening. detail and pics, of course, to follow!

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