Tuesday, August 14, 2012

lumpy bumpy yoga mat

oh man! i got the worst spot ever today. right under my mat is where the carpets meet and overlap so there was a huge bump. and i think a corner was folded also because it was *really* lumpy! i was aware of it the whole time, even though i tried to ignore it. i also thought about moving when a new spot came up but i'm pretty sure that is frowned upon! other than that my practice went well. we were told that tomorrow (Thurs) is led primary, since friday is a moon day (new moon = no practice). this morning, walking to the shala at 545am i saw the moon - it was pretty cool! just a little sliver hanging there like the letter "U" and a wisp of cloud across it, with a few bright stars/planets nearby.

some guy was called in to the shala when it was his turn, and was walking around and couldn't see the open spot where he was supposed to go. sharath got so annoyed! "open your eyes! no coffee today?" haha. no mercy!

yesterday a bunch of us went out for lunch for sara's bday, the girl who runs santosha cafe where i live (and eat!). we went to sandiya's, a home where you tell them in advance how many people are coming and she makes a buffet of food. we all sat down (about 12 of us) and the food just kept coming and coming and coming. it's definitely the most food i've eaten in one sitting here so far. so many dishes, and chapatis, i can't even remember or explain them all. and it was delicious. good food and good company. an international get-together! then... we had cake. two cakes! i made an apple cinnamon cake with cinnamon buttercream icing, and someone else brought a lemon cake. we were all so stuffed. even in sanskrit class a few hours later my belly was still bursting. then this morning during practice i felt hungry, i think from my tummy stretching out! small diet today to get back to normal. no wait, my other group of friends are going to the same place again today, uh oh!!!!!! and the bonkers thing is, it's only 150 rupees per person, which is less than $3. crazy!

speaking of food... off to brekky now!

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