Thursday, August 2, 2012

led primary friday

i'm back from led primary at the shala. for those of you who aren't ashtangis, a led class is where sharath calls out the poses, counts the breaths, etc. so we are all moving through the series together at the same time.  i heard the class before me (430-6am) and when i heard him counting ut pluthihi i knew i was in for it. so.... slowww!!!

we all filed in and set up our mats, me beside my new friend Johanna, but then i realized, there was a HUGE lump on the floor under my mat. it's where the two carpets converged. OH NO! luckily everyone scooched over a bit so only the edge of my mat was uphill LOL.

sharath picked on me lots in trikonasana, which is super weird... he was doing little kicks at my back foot, saying closer closer (shorter stance) to the point where i swear my feet were one foot apart. ok, i'm sure they weren't but it felt like that!! no one has even pointed out my feet were too far apart in triangle before. then, prarivritta trikonasana (revolved triangle) again... kicking kicking at my foot. i moved it closer. wrong. kicking kicking it back to where it was. kicking kicking at my outside back ankle. in my head "what the hell does he want me to do with my foot?!?!" oh, closer inwards. so my feet are more in line. too wide. geez! i guess i need to relearn the basics. maybe i have bad habits in simple poses! apparently.

practice went ok after that. he made lots of people stop part way through, some went to finishing poses and got kicked out of the shala. some got to sit on their mat and wait until finishing postures. some finished then sat at the back of the shala. my friend valetine said he was told to finish and then sit in the changeroom till it was over. ew, poor him! interesting. by the time we got to ut plutihi (padmasana legs, lift your whole body off the floor), i sort of wished i had been sent away!!! what was supposed to be 10 breaths was surely at least 40. i came down. multiple times. "LIFT UP!". ok ok i am i am! i really suck at that pose. i think my arms are too short, my body is too long and my butt is too heavy. bad combo for that pose. my goal in life is to stay up for sharath's count of 10 in that pose. or... maybe next lifetime.

now: brekky. chanting. shopping, walking, browsing,. sanskrit. philosophy. maybe check out the palace later. oh, and see if my ATM card will finally work after talking to the bank long distance on my cell phone yesterday. after an 11 minute 'hold' grrr. better work!!! 

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