Thursday, August 9, 2012

kicked in the package

When I woke up today I had sharp pains in my tummy and thought UH OH! India wins! I wondered if I should skip practice for fear of sharting in the shala (LOL) but I decided it wasn't too bad and I should just go, even if I have to run to the bathroom halfway through, well at least I tried! Anyways, it was fine. I actually feel almost all better now, apres breakfast so I guess it was just a fleeting unhappy belly moment.

During practice however, the poor guy beside me, Johnny, a bloke from the UK, got stopped by Sharath at marichyasana something, as a lot of people do, so he laid down. And closed his eyes. Big mistake. At least sit there with your eyes open, right? To watch, to stay aware of other people's body parts, etc. We get to supta kurmasana, I lift up, go into titthibasana (dragonfly type manouver to get to bakasana and then jump back to chatturanga)... But, on the way around and back, my left foot went a little bit low, and I totally kicked him. Right in the package. OOPS! I said sorry. And I was also laughing. For about 2 more poses. I couldn't help it. I'll bet he won't lay down and close his eyes again in the middle of class! I also bet he'll never put his mat beside mine again ;)

I have Sanskrit homework coming out of my yinyang so that's my plan for today. And chanting class at 1030am. And philosophy class at 5pm. We are looking at chapter one of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika in great detail, I will share more the main points here again soon. It's excellent information. Tomorrow is a rest day. If it's sunny a few of use are heading to the pool at my ex-hotel. Or maybe the local botanical gardens which are supposed to be beautiful. I'll let you know!

Here's a new video I made that includes some chanting and shows the city market:


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