Thursday, August 16, 2012

new moon blues

tomorrow (well tonight technically) is a new moon, which means, no practice tomorrow (sleep in!). it also means usually everyone feels low energy, a little heavier than usual, and so it seems, unmotivated! lots of people were feeling tired yesterday and today, and lots of peeps after practice this morning were saying that they felt unenergetic and not so good on the mat. i think i had the worst night/sleep last night out of my whole time here so far. there is a funky smell in my room that i just can't eliminate/find so i thought i would sleep with the fan on. too loud. earplugs? too uncomfortable. smell? terrible. heat? awful. body? flip, flop, turn over, move pillow. adjust sheets. check time. 9pm. gates squeaking.10pm. rain pouring. midnight. neighbours talking loudly.*ugh* am i ever going to fall asleep?? eventually yes i did, of course, but i was pretty darn tired when the alarm went off at 5am. i considered not going to class. pressed snooze on my phone twice. but then i dragged my arse out of bed, and got ready for practice. once again to my surprise i felt fine once i started moving and breathing. practice was good today. uth pluthi was another 10 million breaths that i cold not stay up for, but other than that, no problems :)

after practice, a few of us scootered across town to the famous mylari hotel. famous in mysore for the best dosas, known to locals and occasionally to us tourists. i read about the place somewhere and it just happened that i was invited with some peeps there for brekky today. YUM! they like savoury dosas here for breakfast, but i can't help wanting sweeter food for breakfast. so i brought a little tupperware tub of sugar and cinnamon, and 3 limes. they serve masala dosas (potatoes and spice) or plain. i got 3 plain ones, with butter, then added my toppings. i'm not too crazy though, some other yogis brought nutella for theirs!! they were super delicious dosas, light and fluffy and crispy, kind of like thin pancakes, not quire crepes, made of rice flour (no wheat). amazing!

now i'm stuffed, waiting for a friend to finish yoga sutras class so we can head to the pool, it's hot and sunny, blue skies again. not much else to do BUT go to the pool, so long as i'm back by 4 for my sanskrit classes. 

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