Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hurt in mysore

This morning I had mysore style practice again, it was a good one. I once again stayed in supta kurmasana for at least one whole minute hoping someone would see the poor stranded turtle on the floor waiting for help. but no. A lovely gal later told me to approach one of the assistants before I start my practice and ask for them to come over at that point. Good idea, since it's the only time I need help. Once again Saraswati blocked Sharath and helped me do drop backs. LOL... Waddup with that!? Afterwards she smiled and said "walk more". Meaning, get closer to grabbing your own ankles. Baby steps. Literally. My back is feeling a little better each practice.

I went for a massage today, was supposed to be 2 hours, ended up being THREE. Althought there were some good parts and I think it was really good for my back, I actually got bored and annoyed by the end. It was a combo of ayurvedic healing, energy balancing, A.R.T., thai yoga massage, and deep tissue massage. It was mostly good, except for a few weird things he did. My face and head massage was super awful. Yuck. But oh well. The worst part is though, I was on my stomach and he had bent my knee and was pushing my heel toward my bum/hip to stretch my quad. Well, my quads are pretty damn stretchy, and hard to get a good stretch in, so he kept going, going, CRACK POP, my knee made the worst sound. It didn't hurt at that moment but it was a definite sensation and noise. And after, it started to hurt. Are you kidding me? I get hurt during a massage? I felt angry at him, then angry at myself, then sad, then wanted to go home, then just gave up with trying to feel something about it. It's not a total disaster, I can still do all of my poses and walk, etc. It just hurts. Now, I deal with it. And wait 9 months for it to heal like last time I hurt my knee. And go to sleep. G'nite.

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